February 12, 2009

Stupid. Awkward. Weird.

It's wrong, i know, but it feels right.

You only stay with me in the morning
You only hold me when I sleep
I was meant to tread the water
But now I've gotten in too deep

For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away

You give me something
That makes me scared alright
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try
Please give me something
Because someday I might know my heart

February 10, 2009


ur in Bahrain
ur MCP of an up and coming @ country
ur all over the place and being super hands on with stuff
u have a crush on someone :P
ur overloading urself with stuff bcoz u hate it when u dont see things moving
u also miss ur own space
your Lumi time
seems like u have no time for Lumi
all this is frustrating u
Thank God ur still sane
and can still put up a smile but god knows if it is real or fake coz i cudnt figure it out
that is the bit that i see
now u can begin negating everything i just said :P"

Thanks good friend.

February 08, 2009

Is This Love?!

"She: Will we still be together if I would be in a wheelchair?
He: This way I will know that u won't run away."

February 06, 2009

I Had to Put This Here

One of the best mails I have ever received: sweet & flatery free.
Thank you Rehman! :)

Of course, some of the stuff will always stay inside jokes!


I never got a chance to fully express my feelings for you both. I suppose this mail would be
an effective way...

I am really really thankful to God to have you guys in my life. Your strength, humor, ability to
face challenges, quality of uniting and everything else inspires me everyday.

I have spent among the most challenging and emotional moments of my life with you guys.

If i write a book about myself, you guys would have 25% of the pages dedicated for each of

Being with you guys for thing long has been the awesomest thing.....
AND i am freaking confident.. that we would be friends for much longer than we think we
would be.

My moments: (not in order of anything)

1. Nadas brownies (Yes, Im a foodie)
2. Nadas homecooked food (Same comment applies here)
3. The awesome car rides with you both
4. Witnessing those girly conversations
5. Speaking my heart out to Lumi
6. Nadas blond moments
7. Getting locked out (Yes Lumi. Thats unforgettable too)
9. The cat named fluffy
10. si nici cu 10ele.
11. Discussing girls (Nada, you know a mans mind better)
12. The romanian finish to things ( I LOVE IT - the accent specially)
13. Lumis mommyness (managing the kids - you know who)
14. Nadas mysterical disinterest in men
15. Lumis marriage to Simi (and other challenging relationships - i love your people
management skills)
16. The legislation (sorry! it was too bad to forget)
17. The desperate chats/mcms (output - WE NEED MONEY)
18. nu stiu ce-a patit 18ele.
19. The MC photos post IC (we need to do this again)
20. Lumi's knowledge and ability to understand EVERYTHING
21. Lumis fluffyness ( I know its repeated)
22. Lumis height (why so tall?)
23. Nadas height (why so short?)

24. Continue if you guys have anything to add

seeing any of you in any difficulty/depression disturbs me...

please know... that you can borrow my shoulder any time. im always there with you guys.

love you guys :)

February 05, 2009

Celebrating Simple Kind of Life

Things are getting better, here and there. Having a Moldavian passport doesn’t help at all and I’m losing so much work time because of it, but it's alright. All this gives me some time for tension and teaches me what anxiety is.

I miss my sister and cuddling-under-the-blanket times.

However, Bahrain blessed me with new people and I found fresh inspirations, which get me out of those harsh times. He inspires me a lot and every time I meet this person I end up being motivated and provoked to DO much more.

I love my life and it makes So much sense why it’s Mine.

February 04, 2009

Chem "ME time"?

I miss some ME time or “nowhere to be found” time.
It could be my cherry three, it could be my sea shore or the 3 km walk back from the office before the sunset…

Hum, maybe something immoral… or maybe not.

I have an iPod, but I need a ME place in Bahrain, easy to reach, where I can escape from people, life and fragility…

Pleasure is On The Other Side

... against my structure and my stiffness ...gets me drunk with stupid laughters
while taking me on the top of the world. ... teaches me things I never wanted to learn.
... have no limitations, no restrictions and no "it feels wrong"s.

One more cigarette, one more and one more... and John Legend during my office hours.
Discovering new faces you (in most of the cases) get to know more about yourself. Voila!

La vie est bien...
Elle est de miel !
Quand elle s'acide de dynamite
Qui m'aime me suive!
Where is my "I don't care" face? ... One weird day wallah.

Got a conference in the weekend and 2 sessions to develop, two products to package
and a bit more of confusion to dive into.