August 16, 2008

5 Hours After 5 Years

"Hey, let me know at what time you are going to the airport. I wanna come. Lov u" One of the messages I have received from my members tonight. I'm heading to Brazil in less than 5 hours... How rewarding this feeling can be... 5 years in AIESEC - an organisation that changed me to the core and defined the person I am.
We can be jagguars as well... not just hamsters.

August 12, 2008

Race In A Cage

Few posts ago, I was mentioning that everything that happens to you - happens for a reason. And it's 100% tested! You won't get the lesson right'away but later on, you will click it. That's how things work. There is no other way, (un)fortunately (still didn't decide if this is good or bad).

... the story begun in Bahrain. After being pranked by my members, after moving to my orange room, after meeting new faces in meetings, bla bla bla... I got a hamster! Yes, a hamster!!! Those who know me - they know that I will freak out when it's about taking care of a hamster or any little thing that looks like a mouse. So, while the present was handed to me I have found the little creature more like a future trouble, rather than a joy.

The thing is that somehow I've started loving this little brute - she eats what I eat, wakes up when I wake up and does not mind me talking to her when I cook. She got her little space in the kitchen, near the window and she doens't look that depressed.

When I went to kitchen to get my cream from the fridge, I turned my head to check how she is - rolling in her little pink wheel, she seamed as always - a dirty happy creature! And clicked me! She was running, running, running... making all that noise and effort, but without no destination... she was in a cage!

You cant race in a cage! Or you can - but it will take you exactly where you already are. You have to break the cage in fact if you really want to face a new destination, a new YOU. You have to leave behind your limits, your borders. Yes! Yes! So simple things....are put in front of me... everyday, but I just don't see them!

With this thought in my mind, I went upstairs to the gym. Fixed my mini radio and I jumped on the tread mill. Pressed the warming button, started walking... while facing the big window, seing a walking Lumi reflected in the glass... While glimpsing far away to Manama's streets after the sunset, enjoying the urban soundtrack... It hit me again!!!

You might walk, you might even run - but you might reach no destination, if you don't break your own limits - your own fears and face the Unknown.

I'm sitting here, in my own cage, running on my own pink wheel and I know your face.... from somewhere. Yes, I do know your face... I just don't know who you are.

I Know What Is Happiness To me

You will not enjoy your life and its gifts if you wont get rid of your secrets... If there are secrets, there is no inner peace. If there is no inner peace, there is no happiness.

If you hide something is because it's wrong.
If it's wrong for others, but not wrong for you... then it's wrong anyway.
If it's wrong for your, but not wrong for others... then it's wrong anyway.
Hiding ...for you or for others - it's wrong!

If you stay true to yourself and walk your talk, you might suffer, but in the end - it's the right thing to do, therefore you you will be happy. Happiness comes ONLY when you stay true to yourself. ONLY.

Song Of The Day - Shine/ Bond

August 09, 2008

VISA to Brazil

Brazil... I'd never thought I will ever step on that part of the world. Don't have the flight ticket yet, but got my passport today and my VISA for Brazil is in it! A damn sticker that holds dreams, moments, friends, emotions and all this over the ocean... far, far away... where summer is winter and day is night.

Ah, I'm gonna melt at the sound of Portuguese language.
Ai, mi coracao!

Song Of The Day - Joao Pedro Pais/ Ser Que

August 04, 2008

Personal/ Professional?!

It's 9:20 AM. I have just arrived in the office. Got my to do list for the day ready & have filled a glass with mango juice. It's time to work! Another working day, after last night I went to bed at 2 AM.

Scenario 1 (2 days ago with my roomie)
- "Are you going to work on Friday?"
- "Um, yes, I really have to finish this. It has to be submitted to AIESEC Intl ASAP, besides... I still have to..."
- " Watch out of your work balance, 7abibte!"

Scenario 2 (last night with a monster)
- "You are not professional"
- "Huh, WHAT?! what do you mean?"
- "Well, sorry, but there is no difference between your personal life and professional life."
- "... this has nothing to do with professionalism!!!"
- "Yes, it has... Someone proffi will always know to separate his personal life matters from his work. ....And stop being a president with me."

Scenario 3 (this morning with an Indian taxi driver)
- "When do you start your work?"
- "9 AM everyday!"
- "Do you work during the night?"
- "Oh, night?!! NO! NO! No night."
- "I meant evening.."
- "NO, I not work evening. Work not finish - people finish..."

... They have a saying in Romanian.. "If three people tell you the same thing, go and do something about it"...

PS. Bond-Explosive is an awesome song to start your day!

August 03, 2008

Help! Time Pranks Me

Time is running so fast and I cant even feel how the days are passing by. Every morning I set some priorities for the day ahead and at the end of it i realise that only 50% of them are accomplished. I'm wondering... is it me the one incapable to finish her duties or the time shrank and nobody told me about?

I red somewhere, long time ago, that there's gonna be one day when weeks will feel like days, days like hours and hours as minutes. Today is my 34th day of leading AIESEC in Bahrain. One month is already gone and i didn't even feel when this happened. Am I too absorbed by my work, am I too inefficient, do I lack time management skills or just time went crazy?!

PS. My weekend was pretty relaxing - nothing to change the world. I went to my first LC meeting of @BH - I got to know new faces, meeting with my 2 months old friends. One day before I went with Aqeela for putting some henna on my hands. I have done this in Morocco before, but this time was more real. Thank you, Aqeela for having the patience. Acquiring an abaya is my next target! B-)