April 24, 2008


Sometimes it happens to open the dashboard and stare at it... without being able to post a thing. Even there is so much to let OUT, so much to SAY to the world and to myself, something inside stacks the process and then I just click the X button. I drop lots of short notes on the edges of my agenda's pages, I share it in the kitchen talks with those who want to listen, or I just sing it in my mind on the long way back home after the office time. Blogging suddenly became for me too much of exposing for the subjects I feel I wanna write about.

April 12, 2008

The Change I Needed Too

Even crisis arise and bitter words are said, deep inside i cant stop believing in the light at the end of this road and i keep seeing it so... so so there. I went too far to give up now... and what sustains me from inside is this bunch of individuals...which I love so much and which got into my heart in less than 3 weeks... and there is no way to express this by words...
It's just an enormous feeling which wraps my heart, melting it each time i see them in meetings, i see them speaking about big things or just learning from each other. I wont let you fall, I wont - because you are the change is needed here and you are the change I needed too...
I found myself today on the way back home. Two hours of thoughts, of brain reactions, of SWOT analyses and ... and who cares about what happens tomorrow?

PS. It's just that I miss my mom's voice too much...

April 11, 2008

Who Are We?

Inner Grittering

Yesterday I've spent 60% of my time in the office digging Bahraini websites, arranging my thoughts about this new experience that is just few weeks ahead to start. I was deepening my feelings into those applications, thinking about - with whom am I going to share my successes, my frustrations, my smiles and my passion toward AIESEC in Bahrain for one entire year? It's amazing how much it's seeped into me, and i feel so retarded when it's about expressing this in front of them. I feel so much of a foreign.
I have started dreaming it...Me, There... the pieces of the city, the eyes who screen me from head to toes, the dusty stupor...

April 10, 2008

Reflections at 10:00 AM

Because there are still princesses with hair from chocolate wearing white shoes, because there are still lovers in the buss stations that breath in unison, because there are blue mountains at my window to swing the rain in, because it still smells as grand mother's garden on my way to office, because there are still smiles over mom's shoulder from babies with lined eyes, because the coffee is still flavoured in my mornings and my hair looks longer day by day, because there are people who forget about themselves and never forget about me, because "integrity" is something that they taught me back, while i though that is me teaching them, because the door is still opening without the key and it puts a smile on my face, as "Oops, i did it again" and because I still get 5 words comments from my members that just make my day, my life has no ordinary moments...

April 01, 2008

Spread The Awesome

First of April & you touch me by your not-meant-mistakes and I smile. Today brings a new beginning - which is more a competition with myself - where all my inner power will be used to shape a new Luminita - I feel Spring's glove taking away my front sweat and I know that this time it will be better, better for everyone.
Spread the awesome!