July 21, 2009

E Bine Asa

E incredibil cata liniste mi s-a strecurat in suflet de cand am schimbat job/c-ul. Nu cred ca o sa imi fie foarte dor prea curand de tumultul AIESECului. A fost ceva - ce a ajuns si, de curand, un fel de joc al mintii pe care, pur si simplu, il descifram prea usor. Ramaneam inhibata si convinsa ca, de aici incolo, vor trebui altii inghiontiti, ca sa inteleaga.

De fapt, am ajuns la concluzia ca nu ar fi fost moment mai potrivit sa parasesc organizatia decat acesta. Experienta in Bahrain mi-a dat peste nas cu propriile-mi principii, obiceiuri si credinte, asemeni unui profesor comunist, ce nu se stinghereste sa iti snopeasca cate una. Asa, ca vrea el. [Mama ei de vize, rasisme si ministere...]

Si e bine asa. Ca mie nu-mi place sa imi fie dor de vremuri. Dar o sa-mi fie. Ca sunt alte o mie de motive. Si iar zic ca e bine asa. Ca atunci cand o sa-mi fie dor de'a binelea, vor fi alte jocuri ale mintii sa ma tina ocupata.

July 19, 2009

Intro to UNIDO

Daca acum un an doar visam, acum 3 luni aplicam si nu m-acceptau, azi ma intorc acasa de la sediul Natiunilor Unite, din Bahrain.
.... sa fiu eu, m-au angajat!

"Shi cand plecati acasa, va rog sa nu uitati, sa puniti cheili sub chetrishica."

July 18, 2009

My Heart Won't Buy It

I was about to write that today I got officially discharged from my role of President of AIESEC Bahrain and in the same time, from a 5 years journey with the largest student run leadership development organisation in the world, called AIESEC.

But it's not this simple.

July 17, 2009

I heart Manama's Sleepless Nights

They might call it ME time. To me are moments with Perry Como and moments of programmed solitude for heart dissolution.

Maybe it’s just a truthful peace that I lack during the day time and night turns out to be a suitable guardian. Maybe it’s only my stillness which replaces the commotion of my heart.
Hearts are fragile items that we get by default, but which are not provided with the settings to abide all sort of outsiders. You've got to be kind.

That’s why I’ve got sleepless nights – to keep time still, watching Manama’s empty streets and to hold my breath till that beatific silence falls upon me…
… in programmed solitude my heart regenerates.

July 09, 2009

Twist of Fate

When life gives you something, it takes away something else. And someone like me barely can accept this law. Someone like me can barely accept any laws. I've always been a silent warrior, who won't ask for it straight, but will demand it in my own hundred-ways.

Now that I have what I wanted, it seems just... incomplete. I feel that what I care and love the most is too geographically scattered.

July 07, 2009

Right On Time

What a good song without you. ... adica... prietene, fereste-te de femeia pe care ai ignorat-o.
Never mind, sa fie pentru toata lumea "care sufereste" OAR and Shattered.

July 06, 2009

Not Found

1: 02 AM Tangled up in sheets. Again I cannot sleep.
2:32 AM Roaming in my room with a heavy head, watching the streets and the full moon from a dusty balcony.

Again looking for something that isn't there. One more SWOT analysis and I can postpone my thoughts for later.

Ah, ah, ah ... that serenity! Give me a pick up, a paper cup coffee and a still city in the morning.

Travis Closer
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica


Uneori cuvintele sunt mai mari ca noi, atat de mari incat nu poti sa le faci nimic. Nici macar nimic. Daca vrei - accepta-le, dar nu le crede. Totul e o interpretare. Totul e o randuiala a mintii. Cuvintele te cuprind sau te sufoca, iti ridica sufletul la cer sau ti-l impietresc in gheata.

In noaptea aceasta cateva zeci de mii de cuvinte au fost prea putine si totusi, prea multe. In noaptea aceasta cateva zeci de mii de cuvinte au distrus 3 ani... de tot.

July 05, 2009

Ignorance Effect ++

Some people want to be slapped badly to get a point or two or five. One of those people is me. When all those signs lead me to one thing, then what on earth is there telling me otherwise?

"Pluteste drept inainte si daca pamantul pe care il cauti nu exista inca, fii sigur ca Dumnezeu il va crea intr-adins pentru a-ti rasplati indrazneala."

Marin Preda

If the end is ahead, then I want to go back...