July 30, 2008


Whatever happens is the right thing to happen. Whenever happens is the right time to happen. It starts when it starts & it ends when it ends...

I dont care anymore where I stand.

July 25, 2008

I'm Back Home

If someone will tie my eyes and drop me somewhere where the wind goes gently through my hair and my body gets wrapped up with steams as a sauna effect, I will immediately know that ... I'm in Bahrain. It's unbelievable how this country (literally) feels. I am in Bahrain - I'm back home. Weirdish, but I missed it a lot.

My room is very dusty and one drawer is missing, but it's fine. I have no food in the fridge, except some cabbage & two lemons. I unpacked very quickly and I overloaded the washing machine. My so-to-say holiday is gone and now it's the time to catch it up. Lots of things are menacing my inner comfort and I had a feeling of loosing control, but I wasnt.

A frantic MC time has started - quickly I have gathered my team for a two hours meeting even if it was weekend - I got short updates and had planned the week ahead. I'm ready to go & I want to make you proud of me.

July 22, 2008

Letter For Later

Some mails just change your life's path.

"Dear friends all over the world,

The last six months have been the most indescribably unique and rewarding months of my life so far. At a point where everything about my experience is at it's best, I am looking for someone that will be ready to take up the challenge and the adventure of leading AIESEC Bahrain towards and beyond full member status. Someone who isn't ready to leave AIESEC just yet and who is looking for an impactful, entrepreneurial and lifechanging experience, working with local students and organizations to continue one the most exciting expansions in AIESEC.

If you are looking for a jobrole that includes, DIRECT IMPACT, STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING, CULTURAL AND PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGE, FLEXIBILITY and a lot of GREAT moments and FUN, make sure you check out the information attached to this email!

If you know someone else that is still looking for the ultimate way to impact young people's lives through AIESEC, including that of their own, and that wants to experience Middle East culture at its best, make sure you send them this email, for it is with great pleasure and anticipation that I hereby send you the application guide and candidates booklet for the position of MCP of AIESEC in Bahrain - official expansion for the term 2008-2009.

The deadline for the applications is the 22nd of January 2008, the results will be announced on the 2nd February 2008.
Wishing all of you all the best of luck with finding generation 0809."

PS. That's the menu, let's see what I'm gonna have.

Bahrain is home.

July 19, 2008


I was wearing a pearl formal white shirt, which was stained with blood... over which I was trying to fit a navy business suit. A weird dream woke me up in the morning and the unbearable hit strongly contributed to this.
I'm so much worried that it might be too late for all of us... And then, I will have to face my sins, letting myself sunk in the office work and nothing else...

I have so much to give now, but I might not have to whom.

July 18, 2008

At The 7th Floor

At 7th floor is not the heaven, but things go better for everyone, even for myself. Now I know what I want, but more than this, what I need.

I believe that everything that happens to you, happens for a reason, even if you cant see its immediate benefits. Life has some extraordinary ways of pouting the pieces together and creating a wonderful puzzle. Maybe it's based on someones pain, maybe it's based on our own pain and all this wrapped in a silly irony - but in the end - the things get aligned.

Surrounded by untold opulence and love luxury from the day I arrived here, but stifled by the unbearable self-conscience, I live my shocking story, gripping revelations.

July 16, 2008

When Life Beats You

Against my will. Against my heart, I wait alone in the airport. Green. Lots of green and people hurrying from one place to another. I have tears in my eyes and regrets in my heart. I feel fake - I feel cheap and I'm not where I belong. I wanted to be home. But I'm not. My plane took a wrong direction, so my life. This time life beat me.

I feel good, but cheated and I so much need myself.

July 12, 2008

Life On The Island

One month in Bahrain. I still didn't get use with many things, but yes, I feel how I become more and more addicted by these people and now I understand what Jorien was talking about.

I had simbousa for dinner & I officially declare it my favorite food in Bahrain. I definitely wont accept any suggestions in terms of what I should try. Even my picky hamster would have like it. It feels like I have gained few kilos - got a gym upstairs, but it's not an entertaining place at all - and my schedule and impossibility of driving my own car paralyses the idea of going to a public one.

Two more days for me to have a legal stay in this country. Let's see what experiences are ahead - tomorrow is a decisive day of my life - it all depends on a VISA & a flight ticket. This time, I will let life choose its own flow. I don't have what to loose anymore...

July 07, 2008

Lost Between Two Worlds

There are no ordinary stories in my life. There are no ordinary people that I meet. There is a script and a great scenario behind my every day moments, but it's me the final responsible for what's happening to me - I am the one who chooses how to respond to situations and by what kind of people to be surrounded.
A door closes today ... It's all about the choices I make and the damn script... I don't know where I can be found anymore. I'm lost between two worlds.

July 03, 2008

Al Areen & Tree of Life

At Nada's family invitation, yesterday morning I went to Al Areen wildlife park. A nice place to see, with easy access to the variety of Arabian mammals, wild bird species and free roaming. Access to the park is by bus from the main entrance and the entire tour takes about 40 mins.
Was for the first time when I saw how the real desert looks like. It's impressive how dried is everything. For a moment, I remembered the green of my childhood's landscapes and how lucky were we, the kids of the rain.

After getting lost in the middle of the desert, we reached the Tree of Life - a 400 years old tree considered a wonder of the island - This unique tree stands alone in the desert about two kilometers from the Jebel Dukhan, without any source of water - they weren't able to explain yet how is this possible and what keeps this mesquite alive. It's tattooed all over by the people that visited it. It's indeed huge and powerful, but worth to be visited in the winter - spending 3 minutes at the tree, while traveling 40, isn't that encouraging when you have 45 degrees outside.

Had the first MC meeting with all its challenges and I freaked out when I saw my mates fighting. Was awesome, when ended up all laughing.